Auctions & Appearances

As a ten year veteran of providing live and silent auction items to charities at fundraisers, I am able to provide some of the most sought after sports memorabilia available. With over $300,000 in inventory I can provide items from all sports areas with a seasonal flavor. Experienced in working with charities I offer the opportunity to provide items without any initial expense or risk to you.

The following information is the process I have found to be most effective in setting up an auction:

  • During the auction I will wear my Super Bowl Ring and bring my Super Bowl Trophy to display.
  • I will donate an Art Thoms plaque with a retail value of $100. It has brought in bids as high as $850.
  • I will set up and close down the auction myself.
  • I also provide bidder sheets, unless other arrangements are preferred.
  • The silent auction is set up approximately two hours prior to the start of the event and closes at an agreed upon time.
  • I require a minimum of thirty items for display.
  • To display the items, I will need you to provide three 8 ft tables or a total of 24 ft of table space.
  • The minimum bid starts at the retail value, but the cost is wholesale.
  • This provides an automatic profit for the charity of approximately 20-30%. Also, anything above the minimum bid is 100% profit to the charity.
I am also available to act as an auctioneer if you plan a live auction. With the live auction the starting bid can start at the retail value of the item or there are other options which I can discuss with you. However, I would recommend a professional auctioneer.

I provide a wireless credit card machine which accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Three options are available:

  • First option- I can collect the money from the total sales and write a check to the charity.
  • Second option- The charity can collect the money and write me a check or give cash.
  • Third option- The charity can collect the money for its own items and I can collect for mine.
There is no charge on any of my items when I charge a credit card, however there may be a small fee for charging your items. In any case, all transactions are completed before I leave the event.

I look forward to participating with you in making your auction as enjoyable and profitable as possible. Let the bidding begin!